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Since 2012, The Founders Board has been at the forefront of entrepreneurial wealth coaching, providing our clients with the framework for having an extraordinary entrepreneurial life — one quarter at a time, over 16 quarters.


The Founders Board Operating System presents an exclusive opportunity to not just plan for your future but to envision a 10X leap in your entrepreneurial journey. It’s a strategic membership where you can meticulously chart the path to your exponential growth, strategically address your current business challenges, and gain invaluable insights from diverse industries and global perspectives. The outcome? A meticulously prioritised set of actionable steps, fortified tools and capabilities, and a comprehensive plan to drive your business to new heights. It’s not just planning; it’s crafting a roadmap to your 10X success.


Founders Board is designed to help Founders, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners at the crossroads of life and business that targets those at the intersection of Wealth Operating System (WoS) and Business Operating System (BoS) Scale Up.


Leveraging our extensive experience with successful, motivated entrepreneurs, we’ve meticulously crafted a blueprint for your seamless progression through The Founders Board Operating System:

At its core is our Mentor Program, a pivotal experience where you’ll assimilate essential entrepreneurial strategies, laying the foundation for building a robust and self-sustaining company. These workshops are not to be missed, they are crafted to elevate you and your business to new heights.

This serves as a crucial stepping stone towards our 10X Elevation System, meticulously designed to extract 10X results in the areas that matter most to you. It’s a precision-focused approach that capitalizes on your existing knowledge and skills.

For those ready to venture into the deeper foundations of The Founders Board, we have hand-selected the hottest issues facing our Founders and put together Mastermind sessions which will be expertly coached by our Mentors. These cutting-edge sessions revolve around collaborative synergy, where you harness your best capabilities and resources alongside others to forge entirely new entrepreneurial possibilities. The result? Rapid, competition-free growth that defies expectations.


The Founders Board is meticulously structured to deliver a compounding impact on both your results and mindset, with each year zeroing in on a strategic focus:

In Year 1, the spotlight is solely on you – your vision, personal productivity, and the teamwork essential to make it all happen. We delve into the habits, boundaries, and mindsets crucial for instilling confidence and accountability, elevating your overall performance.

Year 2 shifts the focus to the value you bring to your market. Armed with tools and strategies, we equip you to identify, package, and expand your innovations, empowering you to navigate past competition and break free from stagnation.

Having elevated your productivity and creativity, Year 3 becomes a pivotal stage for building and cultivating a multiplier organisation. This involves leveraging your unique ability, fortifying your culture and purpose, and establishing your leadership position within your industry. It’s about propelling your business to unprecedented levels of success.

Following the initial year of your membership to The Founders Board, we transition into an exhilarating phase with The 10X Elevation System, introducing quarterly workshops that dynamically address the most critical dangers and opportunities our clients encounter. In a time characterised by abundance and exponential possibilities, this robust structure ensures participants engage in the most impactful, relevant, and game-changing conversations, accelerating and multiplying their growth. It’s a dynamic approach tailored to the evolving entrepreneurial landscape.


Our FREE Founders Board Starter Pack includes everything you need to know about how The Founders Board will expand your horizons, guide you toward financial freedom, and simplify every area of your business.